Special Diets & Meals

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We offer meal arrangements for sport teams and individuals upon request.

Special Diets & Meals

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What we offer

  • Custom meal preparation: Cyprus Athletic Tourism works with nutritionists who are experts in meeting our groups’ preferences and dietary needs.
  • Value for money: We offer great prices on athletic meals, helping teams and individuals to stay within budget while still enjoying nourishing and delicious meals.
  • We deliver: The company can arrange your meals to be delivered at the sport facility after your training or at the sport event location.

''Travel & Train Under the Sun''


Our goal

At Cyprus Athletic Tourism, we understand the importance of proper nutrition for athletes. That is why we offer customizable and high-quality athletic meal options at competitive prices. Whether you need meals delivered to your accommodation or served at a location of your choice, we have you covered.

Special Diets & Meals
Special Diets & Meals
Special Diets & Meals

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